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i remember that social media used to make me happy...

I still have a pinned column for on my mastodon dashboard, even though i'm the only one who's used that hashtag in my part of the fediverse and i haven't used it since 2019. i miss that show.

black lives matter, arguing on nextdoor 

i had to be up for an internet service appointment window, so ive spent my saturday morning arguing with “all live matter/back the blue!” people on nextdoor.

the incoherence is something else.

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Don't give up on self care just because something didn't work for you. Keep trying new ways of being kind to yourself!

Black lives matter 

Sad that the simple truth of what we saw being acknowledged in court is a surprise.

But given how strongly the people Chauvin worked with were communicating "take him as the scapegoat and leave us alone," don't stop here. Celebrate the win and then look for the next step.

One conviction and a (D) by the president's name do not an equitable society make.

mark zuckerberg 

I wonder if Zuck has a friend who sends him a clip of Jesse Eisenberg saying "if you were capable of creating Facebook, you would've created Facebook" every time he acquires a company for their IP, or replicates their popular service.

Watching the Chicago Red Stars on live tv for the first time since before the pandemic (in a pub that no longer exists). Feels good to watch again

Sometimes I wonder if I would be less confused/have less cognitive dissonance about people who say “this place is a toxic trash fire but we all hang out here and refuse to leave” if i were neurotypical

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Been thinking a lot today about community (both formal and informal), social media, meat space, time budgeting, and cost/benefit... kinda want to write something up but my thoughts are still pretty un-cohered at this point.

Still thinking about what a cool location this was for a mass vaccination clinic. From the process it seems like they had infrastructure reasons to be at IMS, but what a memory.

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tired: situationism
wired: standingdeskuationism

I don't know why but "nature is healing" is currently my favorite meme.

Signed up to get my first jab at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in two weeks 😊

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This is (currently) a single-user instance, because "be part of a community" models and unwritten rules stress out my neurology.