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drive to survive, COVID-19 

Starting watching s3 of Drive to Survive. The scenes of the paddock for the Australian Grand Prix (dense crowds, no masks) are vaguely horrifying, and those principals saying they want to race *after* people in the paddock test positive seem unconscionable.

"We should risk killing people because I want to race/so that we don't risk losing money!" is a helluva position to take.

(just commenting on the things said in the first episode, at the Australian Grand Prix)

Still curious: what apps/service providers are y’all using for email and calendar?

Anyone know if there's a way to change the camera zoom settings on a Zoom call? I'm tired of being a tiny little face with the room taking most of the screen.
(Unsurprisingly, "zoom camera zoom settings" is not a helpful search term)

Watching the SFWA Nebula finalists announcement live!

i am almost convinced to spend $280 on a Sailor 1911 fountain pen sight-unseen simply bc it's called "Sparkle Cranberry"

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Unsubscribe from a couple of those newsletters you never read.

Every time I see someone with a platform say "I missing blogging, & social media doesn't work for me or is something I have ethical objections to, so I'm going to start an email newsletter," I die a little inside.

Y'all remember RSS feed readers? Gather all the blogs you follow in one place? Please?

I've been hearing Brook Linen ads on Crooked Media podcasts for years and only today realized that the brand name is a pun.

siri how long should i keep the shelf full of TTRPG books i've never played?

Reading for and I’ve convinced myself that Jordan came up with The Pattern/Wheel/ta’veren to handwave why everyone thinks the knucklehead farmboy is the person to follow/who they want to smooch, in a way that George Lucas never bothered.

Third-grade MJ was very annoyed that all the Rebel pilots worked and trained hard for years and Luke got to be the hero bc he was the main character.

Hate when I find a podcast that I'm interested in, that I like most of the hosts, but one host has their head so far up their ass I unsubscribe to avoid them.

(fwiw, learn to say "I think this character behaved suboptimally" or "this character behaved differently from how I think of them" instead of "the writing on this plotline was bad" or "they were acting out of character.")

Benedict Cumberbatch should have an ASMR channel called "The Susurrer Supreme"

i came up with this last night while... not sober and it still makes me giggle

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