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Today's victory: replacing the buttons on two pairs of pants that have been sitting on my dresser for weeks (one for about a month, the other since late Feb.)

bc of my browser's cookie settings, Wordpress tries to tell me about "blocks" every time I sign in. The UX of it though makes it seem like it's just really excited and passionate about blocks.

Captchas always make me wonder which images are confirming my ability to interpret pictures the same as other humans, and which are training an AI.

That feeling when I lift up the hair over the side of my head and feel the cool air on the undercut... :)

Mailed in my request for an absentee ballot for the primary. Indiana, don't forget this step!

TIL that in 2017 they made a sequel to Goon

Look, I hate tucking in t-shirts as much as the next Millennial, but I want to wear suspenders today.

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This is (currently) a single-user instance, because "be part of a community" models and unwritten rules stress out my neurology.