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TIL that in 2017 they made a sequel to Goon

Look, I hate tucking in t-shirts as much as the next Millennial, but I want to wear suspenders today.

when all this is done, I'm going to miss wearing a bathrobe like a longer sweatshirt

plus with the belt off, it feels loosely 13th Doctor (no hood tho)

There are left-handed guitars... are there left-handed violins? (or rather, violinists who hold the bow in their left hand)

Someone named Cheryl requested health insurance quotes and entered my phone number on the form.

I hope she's able to sort things out without the helps of six different sales agents calling in 4 minutes.

"Your workspace needs to be separate from your living space," they heard over and over, sitting at a desk 4 feet from their bed.

For all the mockery that Google+ got/gets, that's when I started using "+1" as a phrase.

Am I *surprised* that Warren Ellis dropped Garth Marenghi's Darkplace images on his blog? No.

Am I nonetheless delighted? :D

(violence in this context meaning direct physical harm and killing, not larger scale systemic or psychological effects. that's also violence, but not what i'm trying to parse here)

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Having a bit of self-realization - as much as I say things like "in democracy, elections are our revolutions," when people on the left call for anti-capitalist revolution I *hear* them calling for violence... probably some are and some aren't, and I'm not sure how to distinguish.

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If you commute, take a different route if you can.

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