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Remember, it was once canon (in the old EU) that Lando Calrissian introduced Luke Skywalker to an “exotic drink” called “hot chocolate.”

lol - after the Crisis mid-season mid-event finale, has changed almost every character's status to "Deceased"

Kristen Schaal delivered the best version of that line ever in Sleepwalk With Me, btw.

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not actually going to do this bc it wouldn't read as ironic, but it's tempting to try to send an ironic "We don't have to do this if you don't want to!" disappointed club leader email.

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lol - a non-local committee i'm chairing had a monthly meeting scheduled for this afternoon. i wasn't sure how many people would be not-yet-on-vacation... 7 minutes in and i think it's just me XD

Starting Killing Eve with L - I recognized Fiona Shaw not from Harry Potter, but from Super Mario Bros. XD

TIL the actor in The Witcher trailer is not Joel Kinnaman.

Confession: when scheduling meetings I refer to time zones by the the region (eg "Eastern," "Pacific") because i can never remember which part of the year is "Savings"

often wish that my blogging/microblogging was more like warren ellis.

casting into the void from a singular platform, independent of likes & reblogs.

i'm just saying, if i - a phone-phobic Millennial in a district that consistently votes 2-to-1 for the GOP - can call my rep and ask them to vote for impeachment instead of party line, you can, too.

watching this week’s Patriot Act. Yang isn’t my top choice, but he’s up there - and unlike the other rich dudes in the primary race, he’s not being blatantly disrespectful to the democratic process.

i would put s03e13 up against ANY episode of Game of Thrones, it’s so damn great.

(i never made it past Han-Solo-"Great, kid, don't get cocky!" when a lot of people in my feeds were crowing about Access Hollywood and declaring victory)

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not gonna lie: even though i know it's not a straight-line correlation, what happens in the U.K. today is going to affect my optimism for the U.S. next year. (the 2016 referendum scared me a lot more than most Dems, it seemed like)

okay what if we keep the Electoral College but increase the number of electors to match the US population

someone near my office made oatmeal and it smells like being warm inside on a cold winter morning

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