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Sometimes when i take my hearing aid out, i look at what's collected on the rubber dome and wonder wtf is going on inside my ear.

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Remember, Williamson and her “wonkiness won’t save us!” boils down to “it’s not cool to know too much about stuff.”

The devil’s in the details and if you don’t have the patience to find out what those details are, you don’t belong in government. Government is alllllll detail.

twitter's recent UI change seems to have broken ...which may be good for me? or i may be engaging in status quo rationalization.

still refusing to use the app/mainsite to see ads & random posts from people i don't follow, but i may use tweetdeck to dip into the stream

can s5 of The Expanse guest star Manny Jacinto as an immortal Jason Mendoza?

Back when i had a 90-minute commute i got into Destiny as a source of easy brain chemicals. Dropped off of Destiny 2 over the winter, so this week it’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

also -> giving myself permission to recharge when i get home instead of feeling guilty

Road construction closing the city’s east/west interstate -> commute time doubled every night this week -> remembering how much the hour+ commute sapped me in Seattle/being grateful i don’t have that regularly now

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I want a web series that’s just all of Tony Stark’s “in case I don’t survive this” videos

“Listen, Pepper, the line at the gas station is really long today.... I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but...”

still need to get better at the "Engage/Simply Do" part of getting things done, but i've been slowly restructuring how i capture and organize things this summer. feeling optimistic.

hmm - feeds show updates on the Fetch RSS, but they're not coming through to Feedly. *headscratching*

Sunday’s mean laundry and watching Holey Moley, the world’s greatest miniature golf reality competition on ABC

That moment when you realize The Riddler’s evil plan in Batman Forever was “invent Alexa”

Reading Hexarchate stories is convincing me that i should reread Yoon Ha Lee’s novels.

ok, fess up. who sent an intention to the universe about a Zombieland sequel?

gonna be offline most of the day. godspeed, political microbloggers.

if i just admit that i won’t workout while i’m traveling, i think i can fit all the packing for this week’s trip in a backpack

LB - i also appreciate the post author taking time to point out that autistic people often work harder to not be assholes than neurotypical folks.

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"Stop framing a situation where a dude is behaving badly as a situation where *you* need to try harder to excuse or endure or engage with him."

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