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sometimes a single zoom call is enough to restore my misanthropy and pessimism for humanity.

it's the little things, ya know?

another day, another rolling my eyes at someone ruining their point by religiously performing meme-ified anti-capitalism

@kai If you pay someone $50 to interview, but the job's hourly rate is $4/hr below cost of living, then after 12.5 hours the employer is taking advantage of the worker again (and will continue to do so indefinitely). Unless both are compensated fairly, the interview payment is just a shiny object to distract from the insufficient hourly rate.

@kai It's good, but if the hourly rate of the job isn't enough then it's just a misdirect.

@kai I tried the getting up earlier a few years ago and wound up hitting snooze for an hour every day, so neither accomplishing anything nor getting good sleep XD

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