Am I *surprised* that Warren Ellis dropped Garth Marenghi's Darkplace images on his blog? No.

Am I nonetheless delighted? :D

(violence in this context meaning direct physical harm and killing, not larger scale systemic or psychological effects. that's also violence, but not what i'm trying to parse here)

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Having a bit of self-realization - as much as I say things like "in democracy, elections are our revolutions," when people on the left call for anti-capitalist revolution I *hear* them calling for violence... probably some are and some aren't, and I'm not sure how to distinguish.

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If you commute, take a different route if you can.

Good morning, I have "Wait for Me" from Hadestown stuck in my head.

Venn diagram of politicians & talking heads who campaign on being "pro-life" and demagogue voters into being single-issue, and politicians & talking heads saying we have to kill people with anti-health choices in order to save the Dow.

Two of the docks at the warehouse across the road have flashing green lights, and one has a flashing yellow. One green has a docked trailer, the others are empty.

...are the individual ones called a dock or a port?

We think videoconferencing is our ally? We're merely adopting having children and pets in the background of calls. That one BBC guest was born in it.

Beginning to think that in my dream housing situation I would have a full-sized Privacy Pop for an office nest and a queen-sized Privacy Pop for a sleeping nest

@andrhia Good job! I'm getting shaggy but I'm afraid to try to do the undercut on my own

Gotta say, reading graphic novels in Hoopla is far more pleasant than PDF or Kindle.

I live about 3 miles from the airport terminal, across the street from a bunch of warehouses. I go past Foxconn and Amazon warehouses on runs, on my commute.

Today has been very few auto noises but regular planes and semis. Almost a white noise machine.

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