Would you rather have Mike Schur make an epic fantasy, an MCU, or a Star War?

last night i started thinking of The Witcher as “HBO Presents: Hercules The Legendary Journey” and now i don’t feel like I need to finish the season

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If you’re going to go around believing America is a special nation, better than other nations, then BY GOD you need to hold America to a higher moral standard than anyone else

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The longest night is passed; the shortest day is here. Many happy returns to us all, then!

Me when a pun gets groans: “Haha, yes, I feed on your pain!”
Me when a pun gets laughter: “Oh c’mon, don’t reward that!”

@andrhia Right?? I was hoping we could get through the primary with most of the candidates sticking to "I'm better" instead of "they suck!" but that evaporated a few months ago.

Remember, it was once canon (in the old EU) that Lando Calrissian introduced Luke Skywalker to an “exotic drink” called “hot chocolate.”

lol - after the Crisis mid-season mid-event finale, arrow.fandom.com has changed almost every character's status to "Deceased"

Kristen Schaal delivered the best version of that line ever in Sleepwalk With Me, btw.

not actually going to do this bc it wouldn't read as ironic, but it's tempting to try to send an ironic "We don't have to do this if you don't want to!" disappointed club leader email.

lol - a non-local committee i'm chairing had a monthly meeting scheduled for this afternoon. i wasn't sure how many people would be not-yet-on-vacation... 7 minutes in and i think it's just me XD

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