Still curious: what apps/service providers are y’all using for email and calendar?

@snipejaeg Google and Google 😅 (I'm clearly not particularly motivated to leave at the moment)

@kai The UX is very good, hard to leave!
I'm away from Google, but the GCal is tempting me back.

@snipejaeg maybe a good step 1 would be to leave the web interface first, and just use 3rd party clients with Google before running my own services.

@kai i like Apple's mobile apps, but miss having a good desktop/web access point

@snipejaeg thunderbird or whatever doesn't cut it these days? I haven't used anything but gmail in a decade lol

@kai I tried setting up Thunderbird a couple years ago, but it didn't seem to work like i expected... almost certainly user error XD Should give it another shot, tho

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