"grar, the politician that is popular with a majority of voters* won! how undemocratic!"
(*features like an electoral college and disproportionate representation are actually opposed to democracy)

i'm just a librarian so there may be something i'm missing - but it seems like if you're presenting "democracy" and "populism" as opposites, you're misunderstanding democracy?

my meager html skills have run aground on the shoals of Cape CSS Conflict

nerdy info jockey fun: heading into the testweb page to try to make a new request form

i wish that any of the final calls about my car's expired warranty was actually a final call

"Magnum Opus" sounds like it should be the title of a Bloom County hard-boiled noir AU fanfic.

Exciting to see so many things i loved being recognized by the - yay Murderbot and Good Place and Spider-Verse and Lady Astronauts!

So many great nominees this year, too - Novel especially was a tough category for me.

Management skill i need to work on: communicating to staff that i understand the Frustrating Thing is Frustrating, but we probably shouldn't change our procedures/get the industry to change all practices & software for irritants that affect less than 1% of our volume.

Even though the “better for you” claims were debunked, i liked the look & feel of the vibram five-finger shoes and kinda want to try them again

hmm. i wonder if search engines interpret the + in "lgbtqiaa+" or "lgbtq+" as a boolean operator.

sometimes you just get “One Day More” stuck in your head, ya know?

normally after the gym i put my clothes in the laundry room and sit on the living room floor for a while.

today i’m sitting just inside the door in my sweaty clothes so it must have been a good workout.

looking at jetpens.com during a webinar & thinking about my birthday coming up next month...

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I very much appreciate a webinar presenter who is self-aware enough to know they ramble and so occasionally says "Ok, if you're doing another thing while listening, you really want to listen to this part." Even better, when they say that and it's true.

i'm sure there's a legal nuance, but i keep thinking that denying citizenship to immigrants based on use of social services is equivalent to revoking birthright citizenship from people who do the same.

spoiler: alcohol + conversation increases the runtime of a movie

tonight: introducing L to The Hunt For Red October (one of f my top-2 favorite spy/thriller movies)

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