Me: *interacts with someone relatively famous on social media*
Me: *keeps checking to make sure they haven’t blocked me*

Every now and then i get “🎶I wanna be a Starship Ranger🎶” from Team Starkid’s “Starship” stuck in my head, bc Darren Criss is just that talented.

the worst part about seeing news alerts that the president is making the G-7 pay him to host is knowing that partisans won’t even have cognitive dissonance saying the Ukraine call was about corruption

you’ve gotta regulate and enforce to prevent the edge case as much as possible, but shouldn’t broad policy be based on the trend line instead of the outlier?

maybe it’s part of my not having obligatory emotional reactions, but i do think there’s something to looking at the net costs/risks of the various options - nuclear is safer for the planet, for all of humanity, than fossil. 15 years ago solar and wind weren’t there yet.

watching the West Wing episode about a nuclear plant accident (in order to listen to this week’s West Wong Weekly later). gotta, say, i’m not buying the “no nuclear is safe enough” line they’re putting down.

thinking about the meme "self-care is an act of political/social justice resistance" usually in the context of an implicit or explicit "therefore it is okay to practice self-care."

Question being begged: would it be okay to practice self-care if it weren't an act of resistance?

i can’t wait for the season of Serial about Trump & the Ukraine.

*sees CNN chyron “New Subpoenas” on airport tv*
“hmm i need to check for new podcasts before boarding”

on a lighter note, allegedly the chapter “Best Friendship” is about friendship but to me it is SPEAKING TRUTH about camping in southern Indiana

reading Obviously by Akilah Hughes. the chapter “Racism to a Fifteen-Year-Old Girl” should be required reading.

when you hit that first 2FA of the day and realize you left your phone in the car

funny how Game Of Life was an activity marketed at children with the rules “you follow the narrative we wrote for you, conforming to everyone else, then you die, and you should convince yourself that who wins is based on choices we pretended to let you make.”

I described as "It was everything I loved about Destiny without being forced to grind my character’s power level so that I could get stomped in a newly unlocked form of PvP."

YT needs an option to "stop seeing this ad because it's Repetitive AND Irrelevant AND not a good ad"

in a funk but this was a small boost: as an ILL librarian, used the tool I helped build to request newly published articles via ILL

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"The reason why so many grown ass men hate Greta Thunberg is because she represents everything they hate listening to; women, children, people with disabilities, science, and just people who are smarter than them in general"

(the author of this was harassed off twitter so let this stand here)

“The couch just wanted to be loved, and they threw it away just because the springs were broken and two of the legs came off and the cushions were burned, instead of loving it! Those bastards.” (Not an actual story, but how I tend to read this trope)

Counterpoint to “sin is when you treat people like things” - I’m not a fan of stories where an object has a soul but the humans don’t know, and we’re meant to dislike them for treating a thing like a thing.

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