Watching the Chicago Red Stars on live tv for the first time since before the pandemic (in a pub that no longer exists). Feels good to watch again

Sometimes I wonder if I would be less confused/have less cognitive dissonance about people who say “this place is a toxic trash fire but we all hang out here and refuse to leave” if i were neurotypical

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Been thinking a lot today about community (both formal and informal), social media, meat space, time budgeting, and cost/benefit... kinda want to write something up but my thoughts are still pretty un-cohered at this point.

Still thinking about what a cool location this was for a mass vaccination clinic. From the process it seems like they had infrastructure reasons to be at IMS, but what a memory.

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tired: situationism
wired: standingdeskuationism

I don't know why but "nature is healing" is currently my favorite meme.

Signed up to get my first jab at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in two weeks 😊

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It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

drive to survive, COVID-19 

Starting watching s3 of Drive to Survive. The scenes of the paddock for the Australian Grand Prix (dense crowds, no masks) are vaguely horrifying, and those principals saying they want to race *after* people in the paddock test positive seem unconscionable.

"We should risk killing people because I want to race/so that we don't risk losing money!" is a helluva position to take.

(just commenting on the things said in the first episode, at the Australian Grand Prix)

Still curious: what apps/service providers are y’all using for email and calendar?

Anyone know if there's a way to change the camera zoom settings on a Zoom call? I'm tired of being a tiny little face with the room taking most of the screen.
(Unsurprisingly, "zoom camera zoom settings" is not a helpful search term)

Watching the SFWA Nebula finalists announcement live!

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This is (currently) a single-user instance, because "be part of a community" models and unwritten rules stress out my neurology.