Thinking about stocking up on non-perishables and equity...
*IF* it’s not a hardship for you, do your coronavirus stock up at a box store instead of the small, cheaper grocery. Don’t clean out Aldi and cause hardship for others.
If I’m thinking about this wrong, comments welcome.

Or let's come up with another system all together!
But if your whole message is "ugh, capitalism! we'd solve everything by getting rid of it!" I don't think you understand humans.

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Give me heavily-regulated capitalism with high marginal tax rates on both income and capital gains and socialized public goods over corrupt socialism any day (I assume the podcasters pointing at rise of capitalism as cause of no Good Placement don't want to go back to feudalism)

Shareholder capitalism is fucking the world over right now, but greedy bastards were fucking things up before and will fuck things up after if all we do is chuck capitalism in the bin and declare the problem solved.

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Sometimes memeified anti-capitalism gets very headdesky...

Maybe it's okay that The Good Place characters solved the issue of "damning people for eternity based on 70 years of actions" instead of "changing an economic system but not the people so not really solving anything" ?

Based on the news alerts I keep getting, I feel like everyone should remember that unless you're retiring in the next 10 years, don't stress about what the stock market does in any 10-day period.

users - what's the most you would pay for a pen online (without trying it out in a store first)?

3 fatalities in 3 years sounds bad for new tech, but until you tell me how many miles Autopilot drove and whether that's better or worse than humans, you're just trying to scare me about change.

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Reading about findings from an investigation into a Tesla Autopilot fatality... I think that Tesla seems to be indifferent to the safety of its passengers & workers, but also that reporting that doesn't compare accidents & fatalities per mile to human drivers is lacking.

Until proven otherwise, I think we must assume that James Bond and John McClane exist in the same continuity.

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The title "No Time To Die" confuses me as to which multi-decade action franchise starring an aging white man it belongs to.

Candidates always get asked if they will support another nominee. Has anyone asked Bloomberg how much he's planning to spend if he's the nominee, and whether he'll commit the same amount to whoever it is?

Ah Monday, the day to log in to all the sites again because I have Firefox set to delete its cache and cookies every time it closes, why don't you have that setting checked, don't you care about security.

Classic Monday.

my level of activism on this will not rise beyond the occasional cranky vaguepost XD

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